New Concession Stand

Updated Monday May 14, 2012 by Carlisle Little League.


At the end of the 2010 Softball and Baseball season, some of the board members met to discuss plans of repairing the concession stand on the hill or to build a new one.  As plans formulated to build a new concession stand from visions in heads to plans drawn out on napkins to a formal drawing, we began to talk with area construction businesses to get estimates.  Once we had a formal plan and estimates over 30 parents attended a city council meeting to discuss the proposal to begin construction.

Construction began in November 2010 with Larry Schabel removing the old concession stand, the restrooms, and then began to level out a building pad for the new concession stand.  Laffoon Construction then poured the footings, foundation, and walls for the building.  Once this portion of the building was completed, it was up to the expertise of Curry Construction, Ohnemus Construction, and Custom Structures to guide the many volunteers in construction the building.  As the building became enclosed Woodhouse Concrete did the flat work inside for the floors.  Wright Construction helped with all the metal for the exterior and installation of the walk in doors along with Overhead Doors for the garage doors and the serving windows.  Now that the building was secured, Leroy Clair did the electrical work, Roberts Heating and Cooling did the Plumbing, and Wyckoff Industries did the HVAC. Derek Nordhagen hung all the drywall, taped, mudded and textured the entire stand by himself.   As time neared the opening day volunteers helped non-stop late into the evening/morning with the insulation, painting, hanging cabinets, and the many odds and end jobs that needed to take place to make it open for the first day of games on April 25th, 2011.

As the project progressed, the expenses began to pile up.  Both boards worked together to contribute money towards the bills.  It was agreed upon that each board would put in $30,000 from savings to get the project started and then have a loan together to finish out any outstanding bills.  The final loan amount that was borrowed was $30,000.  As of now the loan balance is dwindling down to around $16,000!

This building serves as a picnic area for all that visit the park.  There are currently 2 picnic tables with the goal to have 4 to 5 total for families to enjoy.  The concession stand area has lots of room for those that work, it has enough electricity for all appliances, and it has storage for supplies.  Plus it has a dishwasher! There are 2 handicap accessible restrooms with a water fountain for use.   It is a bright and clean area that everyone will feel comfortable using.  In the back of the building there is storage for softball and baseball equipment along with an area for lawn tractors, chalk, bases, and rakes that are all needed for the season.  It is a facility that serves many different groups and many citizens of the Carlisle area.

Without the vision and hard work of many people, our community would not have a first class facility that is valued at over $150,000 and no one has to serve hotdogs out of the old run down, hole in the roof concession stand!  It is a concession stand that the people of Carlisle can be proud to have and to work in!

The Carlisle Little League and Carlisle Girls Softball Association work tirelessly to keep first class facilities for our community and we could not do it without our volunteers.  We thank those who have helped and continue to help and invite others to join in and lend a hand when you can.  Our work will continue now to the playing areas with anticipated improvements in fencing, dugouts and spectator areas in the park.